Erasmus +

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In our School, a Secondary School with almost 1000 students (Secondary Education and VET) we have always had a clear European vocation. We are well aware of the importance of languages training as a key to open the gate of Europe for our students, showing them a wider horizon where they can get the academic or labour training that can assure them a hopeful future as citizens, and workers.


For that reason we joined the Official English Bilingual Programme, and have participated in a number of activities in Erasmus and Comenius programs in the previous years. Before the difficult scenario of our youth labour market, we consider even more crucial to address our efforts to the improvement of the linguistic competence of our students, and to make them appreciate the possibilities that their European citizenship offers them beyond our national boundaries.


We count on the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020. That allows our Vocational Education students of the International Trade degree to make their professional stages in other European Countries in order to complete their training.


Besides, in the year 2014/15, our European Development Plan for Secondary Education was evaluated with an excellent grade by the Spanish National Agency for European Programmes, being one of the six High Schools of the Region of Murcia selected for a Key Action 1 of Erasmus+.